(REVIEW) Rufio Spenz – PILLZbury PIMP

Rufio Spenz released PILLZbury PIMP this week and we have to say it’s one of our favorite projects by him to date. Rufio has a unique, psychedelic style that can grab any Hip-Hop fan’s attention. His music heavily includes a sex, drugs & party lifestyle that he delivers with a comedic edge which shows his range to reach potential new fans. As previously stated in an interview on Kiara’s Korner, one of Rufio’s newer inspirations is Danny Brown. We can see the influences in the Norwalk, CA rapper except Rufio still maintains his own original style that differentiates the two. He experimented a lot more on PILLZbury PIMP than he has on his previous projects, in our opinion, so it was surprising to hear Rufio experiment with new sounds. Rufio Spenz is also in a metal band it’s quite refreshing to see someone infusing that grimy, grunge style into trap music. All in all we think Rufio will be a name to lookout for in the near future. Now let’s get more into depth with Rufio’s latest release PILLZbury PIMP.

PILLZbury PIMP kicks off with “Mango Fanta” which has a very smooth vibe to it. This track is definitely one you can kickback and smoke a blunt to or pop a Xanax if that’s what you’re into. The production is great and Rufio tops it off with the perfect flow that’ll keep your head nodding the entire time. PILLZbury PIMP takes a quick turn after the first track with “SiC6SiCK” and “StarFox64” taking listeners to a darker, more energetic place. In “SiC6SiCK” Rufio speeds it up a bit and kills 2BROKE’s production with his lively delivery. “StarFox64” was similar to “SiC6SiCK” in the energetic aspect but even then, “StarFox64” has an entirely different feel due to the darker production and slower flow. I can see this song getting crowds HYPE at a live show, so we might have to see Rufio live for this one! Even though Rufio began his career in a metal band, you can’t deny the experience that gave him when it comes to making music. He rides every beat he’s on with veteran like charisma you don’t hear very often. The production is amazing throughout PILLZbury PIMP and Rufio was able to adapt and make a solid track no matter the style. In “SMDB” we heard something we hadn’t before from Rufio BUT he sounded as if he made that style of music regularly. This track is the most trap like song on this project and it’s the 2nd song produced by 2BROKE. “SMDB” doesn’t have the same trippy atmosphere but it fits PILLZbury PIMP perfectly. So do the last two tracks which are produced by Deveraux. Rufio ends PILLZbury PIMP with “APE” & “TCB” which have a very nightmarish, eerie feeling to them. We think this style compliments Rufio’s talent the best. In “TCB” he gets a little more real than his previous tracks and speaks on how he needs to “Take Care of Business” right now. He mentions his mother’s chemo, hungry fans and other reasons why he’s working so hard to push his music and brand. This one really made us realize his motives and with that kind of drive there’s no stopping Rufio. We definitely enjoyed listening to this project and we can’t wait for the next one. Taking a trip through Rufio’s daily routine of sex, drugs & partying is quite entertaining and we think you will enjoy this one as well. Listen to PILLZbury PIMP for FREE below!



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