(REVIEW) PFV – Say Something Real


PFV’s new album goes by the name of Say Something Real. If you don’t know who PFV is, let me move that rock that you’re living under. PFV is the new voice of the underground out of Akron, Ohio. He already has a successful album under his belt called Bring It Back. PFV has thousands of downloads and he has also opened for artists such as Rittz, Hopsin and Twista just to name a few. He also has a single out with ‘Hip-Hop Sinister’ Hopsin called “Homicide” on iTunes. So now that you have an idea of PFV, or if you already knew him, let’s dive into his latest album Say Something Real. I thought it was a well-put together album, as far as content and beat choice. My favorite track on the album is “Come To Me”, which is a real track where PFV talks about how he’s tired of doing favors for nothing in return. He mixes in a catchy flow & melody with his lyrics to have you paying attention the whole time. I was really feeling what PFV had to say on this track. But most of the album was equally good. This artist will be blowing up any day now! My favorite line on the album was “Put a knife in my back: I ain’t make the cut” on “Praying For Salvation”… BARS!!!!! Overall, I give Say Something Real a 9 out of 10. I like the overall direction of the album but I also like to focus on lyrics and some of his bars were a little weak to me. Now that I’m done babbling, take a listen to it for yourself! Stay tuned for the next HHS Review!

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